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DTMF Does not send numbers correctly

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DTMF Does not send numbers correctly

Mensagempor Kathleen112 » 21 Out 2019, 05:59

Guys, good morning. I have a 4100 plugged into a Panasonic cordless phone.
When I call a Disa / Ura and ask to dial a desired number, BLZ.
When I enter the service Santander electronic card I enter 11 digits my Social Security even accepts 3 out of five attempts
When I'm already inside my Social Security and enter my card number goes one of 10 attempts.

I made the "technical adjustment" move by placing (after testing with various values) a 84k Ω resistor in parallel between the phone's FXO port and ITC FXS port

. Fxo side (phone)

I already changed the phone and noticed behavioral changes in the empirical attempts to try to correct the problem, but the system is very unstable to say that it works correctly ...

It has improved a lot but still the problem.

Intelbras, could you do tests around? If I put the fixed Tim chip in the phone the situation reverses, ie every 10 calls I lose one for not detecting the 16 digits of the credit card.

Thanks for listening !

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